Tournament Trips

MVP try to make the most of each tournament trip to ensure time is used constructively towards the 3 main priorities of the program.

Assuming a Saturday & Sunday tournament by bus the target itinerary would be:




For some tournament trips we are unable to visit NCAA schools due to recruiting blackout rules.

Some trips will only have one NCAA school visit due to school coaching staff availability.

If flying to a tournament the team still departs on Friday and returns on Sunday, timing is dictated by available flight options and so we may not get to visit an NCAA school on the Friday.

The NCAA school visits are important for a number of reasons, including:

The MVP staff fully utilize the tournament trips as a personal development tool for each player - they are expected to take responsibility and have accountability for their own behaviour and actions, being sure to represent the program to the best of their ability at all times. The coaches uphold this tenant strictly, and provide direction to the players on conduct throughout the trip.
Players will be removed from the program that cannot conduct themselves properly while travelling with the program.

Parents are more than welcome on trips, at their own expense. On bus trips we are happy to have parents ride with us if there are spare seats.
All we ask is that the environment is respected - this is a 'business trip' for the players and coaches where the main focus is the football and respectful behaviour is expected at all times.

Tournament Trip Cost

MVP is a non-profit and as such works only to the costs incurred.