What Is 7v7 Football?

7v7 Football is basically Pass Skelly as it is run in the 11-man version of the game.

The Offence has 5 eligible players - comprised of Receivers, Running Backs, Tight Ends - and a Quaterback.
The Defence has 7 players, a mix of Linebackers and Defensive Backs.

The Quaterback can either take the ball off of a Tee to start the play or have an ineligible player toss it back from the Tee to simulate a shotgun snap.

To make a tackle defenders have to get a one-handed touch on the player with the ball.

Rules are generally the same as NCAA football - 2 eligible players must be on the line of scrimmage (LOS), a covered player is ineligible, only 1 forward pass per play, minimum of one foot inbounds to make a catch, etc.

Consistent 7v7 rules include:

There are however a number of 7v7 specific rules that can vary based on which organization is running the tournament, these can include:

This means that a review of rules is important before each tournament.

A positive move from some organizers is to make rules around celebrating and taunting. Generally it is encouraged to celebrate with your team as much as possible, let the players have fun. If any of the celebration is aimed at the opposition, sometimes including the bench clearing to join a celebration, this is a Taunting penalty.
The penalty varies from a loss of down (which can mean no PAT attempt) to 15 yards to 2 points for the team that was taunted, or a mix of these. Two taunting penalties can result in a player or their team being ejected from the tournament.
We at MVP see this as a very important move towards tournaments being conducted in the true spirit of sportsmanship and when selecting which tournaments to play in these rules are part of our criteria.

Tournament Play

Tournaments are generally run over the two days of a weekend.