MVP Showcase Camp

The MVP Showcase Camp is held annually to give the best Grade 11 and 12 High School prospects we can find at all positions (including linemen) the opportunity to perform in front of University coaches.

Numbers are restricted for the Showcase Camp to ensure players get enough reps to improve and to show what they can do to the coaches in attendance.
Players are selected by review of their film from the previous Summer or High School season. Players in the MVP program automatically have a slot for the Showcase.

All positions are coached by current or former USports coaches covering multiple schools, with the 2.5 hour session including Individuals, 1v1 and Skelly work. The aim is to maximise reps while giving players some learning to take away, and the highest level of competition.

So far USports coaches from East Coast to West Coast have attended the Showcase Camp and feedback is that is has become a valuable tool for seeing and meeting university capablefootball talent.

It is our belief that players are better served showing coaches how coachable they are and how  well they execute in a competitive environment than they are getting measurables. Ultimately it's how you play that will get you recruited.

MVP High School Camp

Open to all levels of ability and experience from grades 9-12, the MVP High School Camp works similarly to the Showcase Camp but is more focused towards player improvement.

All positions are covered, with coaching from USports coaches & players, or even CFL players, and while the numbers are capped to ensure the right environment for learning slots are filled on a first-come basis.

The High School Camp provides Individuals for detailed coaching, 1v1s and Skelly for competitive application of what has been taught. 

MVP Middle School Camp

The MVP Middle School Camp provides players with the opportunity to work through fundamental skills and techniques - throwing, catching, blocking and coverage.

Coached by established coaches and players at the USports level this is an opportunity for more players to try some advanced drills and movements, seeing which fundamental they like the most and which they are best at.

Every player will work through 4 stations, partaking in an Individuals style session for each fundamental, finishing with some competitive 1v1 drills where they all get to play offence and defence, with any budding QBs trying out their arm and accuracy.

Numbers are capped to ensure enough reps for embedding learning and the drill work is fast paced with a focus on learning by doing an coaching in incremental improvements.